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Supplement Review: Nitro Brand Fatburners

The folks at Nitro have come up with a winning combination. Taking their daytime and night time fatburning products for a month can bring stunning results.

I know, because I did it. And here, I'll tell you about my experience.

Now, I am very lean already. I'm a climber, and I haven't missed a workout since 1977. It's almost unheard of for me to be higher than 7% body fat. I like to stay around 5%. And it's not hard to do.

But if it's not hard, then why use a fatburner?

When you're already very fit, getting more fit comes in very small chunks. To illustrate, think of Lance Armstrong and then think of a sedentary middle-aged man. Which of these two people, if put on a bike training regimen for one month, will improve the most?

Hint: It won't be Lance.

Fitness supplements for bodybuilders; Nitro Burn fatburner user  
So, the idea of my going on fatburners for a month didn't strike me as being particularly necessary to my fitness goals. However, I know John Scott personally--he's the CEO of Nitro--and he asked me to try these two products. The idea was that if I could notice results, then just about anybody can. And John, as usual, was right.


Nitro Burn Extreme Fat Burner
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Nitro All Natural Night Time Fat Burner
Nitro All Natural Night Time Fat Burner
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My results

I was at 8.5% body fat when I started. Without changing anything else other than giving up coffee and cutting back on green tea (both of which help you burn fat), I dropped to 7% body fat in four weeks. I have since used these to get ever leaner. In the spring of 2010, I dropped to 5% and stayed there all summer long. Look at how ripped (and built) my back is.

My trust in John is the only reason I tried the night-time fatburner. I know him personally and have a lot of respect for him.

But I had to ask even him to explain how this could possibly work. If you want that same explanation, right mouse-click here. I had to get used to being a bit warmer at night, but I slept well. In fact, I slept better than I normally do.

Usually when I take a fatburner, the results are almost negligible. That's because I'm already conditioned to leanness and my body simply adjusts to whatever the fatburner does. With this pair of supplements, however, the results were different. They were noticeable.

One thing I noticed is my chest looked more full and chiseled. That was unexpected. I was just wanting more definition in my abs (which I got).

Where fatburners fit

OK, so I tried this stuff and it works. Which is unusual, in my experience. Where does a fatburner fit into the overall fitness picture? First of all, you can't use it as a crutch. If you  consume the typical high-calorie American diet and just take fatburners to counteract that, you are going to be disappointed.

Fatburners help you make step changes in your body fat level. They do not "cure" obesity, make up for a lack of discipline, or serve as a free pass for poor nutritional practices. They simply boost your fatburning ability for a set period. Think of them as a temporary booster to your normal program.


How to use fatburners

You have to cycle on and off of these. By that, I don't mean use a different brand every month. I mean buy one unit of fatburner (my recommendation is to do the day/night combo, as I did) supplementation. Use that until it's gone. Then, take a month off. Don't keep using fatburners. If you do, your body will adjust to them and you will then have to take increasingly larger quantities to have a fatburning effect and doing that just isn't sensible.

Another thing that comes into play is the fatburner floor. I explain more about that, down below. This concept is important to understand, or you won't get the desired results.

Fatburner cautions

Remember, fatburners use stimulants to do their work. Most of these contain caffeine, for example. Do not take fatburners if you are on any medications that work as depressants (which are the opposite of stimulants). Because if you do, you will have different things fighting for control of your nervous system.

If you feel jittery while using these, just stop taking them. Then, keep a diary for a couple of days to see what else you are putting into your system. For example, if you are taking prescription anti-depressants, you are getting stimulation. If you drink coffee (even decaff, which, by the way, contains so much formaldehyde that it kills garden plants), you are getting stimulation. Taking a decongestant? Same thing. You can pump only so much of this stuff into your body. Once you adjust your intake to allow for the fatburners, try them again.

If you have any serious health problems, print out the product page and take that along with your prescription to a pharmacist for advice. Then, pay attention to how you feel. It's very likely the fatburner will help you with your condition, because obesity is a complicating factor for any health condition. But, you must be aware of possible interactions with drugs.

The fatburner floor

In my test, I kept to my normal routine. This means the supplements--between stifling my appetite and causing me to burn more calories--resulted in enough of a calorie deficit for me to drop my bodyfat.

When I ran out of the supplements, I stopped using them. And my bodyfat stayed at 5% for about 8 months. My normal routine is "maintenance," and the fatburners simply dropped me to a new level to maintain.

But, the body always wants to retain fat. Therefore, after a month of fatburner use, my body was about ready to reverse the process. But, now with the fatburners no longer causing fat loss, my body is not going to respond with corrective measures. So, I have a permanent fat loss as long as I stay with my normal routine and don't add calories.

I can repeat this process, and my body will once again tolerate the fat loss until it decides to start corrective measures. But, I will be off the supplements before then and the correction won't occur.

This fat loss floor means once you drop to a certain level, you must stop the drop--and wait. It's sort of like decompression for divers coming back up from the depths.


Getting results from a fatburner, summary

  1. Use the Nitro product. It really works!
  2. Remember the fatburning floor. Do not stay on the product, or you will lose all benefits gained from being on it in the first place.
  3. Ensure you are getting the right kinds of foods in the right amounts. We have other free articles on this site to explain that. Nearly everyone gets this wrong, which is why so many people are fat even though they spend hours each week on a treadmill.
  4. Drink plenty of water. You will need this to help you flush out the byproducts of fatburning.




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