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 Supplecity: straight info on training, diet, supplements, fat loss, and health.

When it comes to building a strong, healthy body, Supplecity can help you kick your program to the next level. We offer sound advice that regular people can put to use to get the results they really want.

At left is a picture of our founder, taken at age 55.

Yes, we also sell supplements. We don't sell "miracle" potions hawked by some dude on steroids. We sell proven products that regular people use much to their satisfaction.

To the right are a couple pictures of our founder, shortly after turning 51--the photographer caught a reverse roundhouse kick on its way down to the (imaginary) collar bone. At right, age 52 doing a flying kick (what height!). Click either picture to see it better.

You can have a kick-ass body. And you can do it without expensive supplements, ridiculous workout regimens, crazy diets, or costly personal trainers.

You'll find free advice right here on supplecity.

Develop a powerful back that shows you are a serious athlete If you want lean muscle, Supplecity's got your back. That's our founder, on the left, shortly after turning 50. Notice the extreme development of the lat insertions (those are not ribs you see) and rhomboids, along with the lack of body fat.

Do you want a lean, strong body? You have come to the right place. As you can see, ordinary people can have extraordinary physiques. Supplecity will help you...

  • Have the body you want.
  • Be fit rather than fat.
  • Buy supplements that actually work.
  • Be healthy.
  • Look and feel your best.

Build a strong back. Read here how to do it.

Develop powerful shoulders that look great and prevent injury How are your shoulders?

Solid, well-developed shoulders look great on a guy. The make him look balanced and powerful.

When women reach their genetic potential with shoulder development, their entire figure is enhanced. This effect has to do with how the eye follows an outline. This effect is why women's clothes often have shoulder pads. And just try buying a man's suit without shoulder pads--it's probably not going to happen.

Men and women can both ditch the shoulder pads and look great. What happens when you are wearing something, say, a tank top, that doesn't have pads? With proper shoulder development, you can ensure you always have that powerful shoulder look. Because it will be part of you, not part of something fake like shoulder pads.

Find out how to build great shoulders.


You can train to get great guns, we explain how


Do you have impressive arms?

That doesn't mean biceps that look freaky while the rest of your arm looks puny. It means arms that look strong and are strong. It's a total package. And you can have it.

You can build impressive arms.


You can train to get great guns, we explain how

You can get ripped and strong. Contrary to commonly spewed nonsense, these are not opposing goals. The same training that gets you the adaptive response that elevates testosterone so you build muscle is the same training that gets you the adaptive response that elevates testosterone so you burn fat. Ditto for the diet.

That's our founder on the left, photo taken at age 55.

In the articles at Supplecity, you'll learn about proper training and diet.



More info, below....

Our articles will help you have an extraordinary body, without taking dangerous or questionable pills and potions. And, no, there aren't any whacky programs, exercises, or diets.

What we tell you works.

You can have a movie star body without a movie star budget. And you don't have to spend your life at the gym, either.

With the knowledge and products you get here, add in the decision to do it and you will have that sculpted body you have always wanted.

Why let your hard work go to waste, when instead you can make it count?

No B.S. or marketing hype here

The information at Supplecity comes from decades of research on what actually works. No bogus claims, no pseudoscience. 

The information here is backed by proven science. Medical experts who specialize in body chemistry agree with it. If you consult with an endocrinologist, you can learn the chemical and biological reasons for what you read here.

This information is consistent with the exercise and nutrition plans that Hollywood trainers provide to clients such as Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore, and Harrison Ford. Now you can have the same insight.


See Yuan's story

Be lean and strong; Yuan explains how he did it

We sell quality nutritional supplements at prices that make your fitness program sustainable. There are many supplements we don't sell. We provide you only with ones that are effective.

Remember, this is about helping you, not about tricking you into buying things you don't need or taking your money for some  concoction that doesn't help you meet your goals.

We carry only the supplements that work. Even better, we carry them at discount prices you probably won't find anywhere else.

You can be lean. You can be strong. We show you how. The information here isn't rocket science, but it will give your health goals a boost and turbocharge your fitness program.

And it will do that without soaking you for every dime you've got on worthless concoctions or stupid gimmicks that do nothing but string you along. It will do that based on proven principles.

You can look and feel better. What is stopping you? For most people, the answer is "bad information." SuppleCity exists on the well-proven premise that, with the right information and the right supplementation, the average person can have a great body--and the air of confidence it projects.

Read our most popular article:


See our supplement store.


Article Authorship

The articles on this site are authoritative, because:

  • Every contributor is an expert in his or her field.
  • The articles comply with the accepted principles of the bodybuilder literature.
  • The articles comply with the teachings of such luminaries as 8-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.

 Where an article is not bylined with a specific author's name, it was written by Mark Lamendola (see photos on home page and elsewhere on this site). Mark is a 4th degree blackbelt, has not been sick since 1971, and has not missed a workout since 1977. Just an example of how Mark knows what he's talking about: In his early 50s, Mark demonstrated a biceps curl using half his body weight. That's a Jack LaLanne level stunt. Few people can even come close. If you want to know how to build a strong, beautiful body, read the articles here.

Supplecity is a subsidiary of When you follow the links from this site to the purchase area, you will go to Mindconnection's secure server.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please view the aboutus pages, or write to mark @ We do want your business.




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