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Glutamine Peptide: The Truth

You may have read the ads. They claim glutamine peptide is superior to regular glutamine--by a factor of ten. And therefore you get a real bargain when you pay only three times more for glutamine peptide than for regular glutamine. Unfortunately, these claims are false.

The glutamine peptide scam is another example of misusing data to support an unsupportable claim. There seems to be an epidemic of that, these days.

Apply the "logic" used here to analyzing the difference between fruit and fruit juice. The body absorbs juice more quickly, but that doesn't make the juice better. In fact, you are merely creating a "short circuit" in the digestive process and creating a larger insulin response. You should not drink fruit juices for this reason. And, you should not take glutamine peptide for this reason. It simply does not help you.

John Scott, CEO of Nitro, has graciously provided the technical details, for those who want more information:


The question:

L-Glutamine vs. Glutamine Peptides what works better?
The short answer:

About the same with current evidence. Therefore, for most people, they will not experience a benefit of greater growth by taking a peptide form. It will generally just be more expensive. So I would recommend taking advantage of the better value and using my Nitro Micronized L-Glutamine.

The difference between glutamine peptides and regular L-glutamine

Peptides are different from free form amino acids because they are basically 2 or more amino acids (building blocks of proteins) which are chemically linked to each other. Your body naturally takes whole proteins (made of long chains of aminos) and breaks them down through a natural hydrolyzation process to produce smaller and smaller peptides so they can be absorbed. Free form aminos like regular L-glutamine are just the single amino acid.


The glutamine dipeptides are typically L-glutamine bonded with either L-Alanine or L-Glycine. So you can look at this two ways as either a positive or a negative.


  1.  Peptides have a faster absorption rate in peptide form, or...

  2. You are buying X number of grams of glutamine and in reality only getting 50% of that as actual glutamine.



The maximum size amino chain your body can absorb is a 3 am ino peptide.

Nearly 75% of ingested protein is absorbed across the intestine in the form of peptides.



It is more efficient or “faster” for your body to absorb 3 am inos at a time vs. just one at a time. This is why companies say they are up to 150% more efficient than free form. Get it?


A problem with Peptides in my opinion:

Since amino acid peptides are more absorbed more quickly they may produce a greater insulin reaction. Depending on the timing this can be good or bad. Post workout is OK. However, most of the rest of the time you want to stabilize insulin reactions to avoid potential blood sugar fluctuations and subsequent possible body fat accumulation.


Other than speed of absorption, studies have shown that glutamine and glutamine dipeptides exert similar positive metabolic effects.

In one recent, double-blind, randomized, controlled study, duration of hospital stay was significantly reduced in patients who had undergone major abdominal surgery and who had received glutamine dipeptides via TPN over a five-day period. Mean cumulative nitrogen balance was significantly better in these patients, as was immune function.

The anticatabolic/anabolic action of both glutamine and glutamine dipeptides can be explained by their effect in sparing skeletal muscle L-glutamine stores. Most of the L-glutamine in the body is synthesized in skeletal muscle, where it is also stored. Under conditions of metabolic stress, skeletal muscle can be depleted of its L-glutamine, which is used for metabolic activities of other tissue/cells, such as enterocytes and lymphocytes (feeding the immune system to protect your main antioxidant glutathione).

The gastrointestinal mucosal-protective effect of the glutamine dipeptides can be explained in a few ways. L-glutamine is the preferred respiratory fuel for enterocytes and colonocytes. Maintaining the bioenergetics of these cells is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of the intestine. In addition, L-glutamine helps maintain secretory IgA, which functions primarily by preventing the attachment of bacteria to mucosal cells.



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