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Low-Fat Diet Exposed

The sad truth about the Low-Fat Diet

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This is, like any other macronutrient reduction diet, a bad idea. Use this diet only if becoming fatter and weaker is your goal. Ditto for the low carb diet or low protein diet.

Your body needs fat to burn fat. And when it doesn't have fat coming in, it starts becoming very stingy with the fat it does have.

But, there is more to health than getting rid of body fat. That is not to say you should disparage getting rid of body fat--it would be great if everyone became at least reasonably lean. That's not the issue. Trying to deprive your body of essential nutrients so that you lose fat is simply not a smart thing to do. Please note that getting too many of the wrong fats in your body can also deplete the good fats you have. So, eat the right fats and don't try to be a low-fat lemming!

Your body requires fat for many vital functions, such as:

  • Burning fat. That's right. You need fat to burn fat. Cut fat from your diet, and you are going to burn that much less fat off your belly or wherever you have it piled up.

  • Sheathing nerve fibers. A lack of essential fats can cause some serious disorders. Once these start, you can't get back to where you were.

  • Thinking. Your brain contains many lipids. Starve it of these, and you could eventually become so stupid that the only job you can get would be one in the IRS.

  • Skin maintenance. Starve yourself of fat, and you'll see it in the appearance of your skin. If your skin seems dry all the time, it may be due to a lack of the right fats in your diet.

  • Hair maintenance. Does your hair seem dull? Does it break when you comb or brush it? Does it feel rough to the touch?

  • Vascular maintenance. You need certain fats to help you keep your blood vessels clean. The Omega 3 fatty acids in egg yolks (not present in appreciable quantities in "factory-raised" eggs) are extremely good for your heart. This is why eating plenty of free-range eggs helps you have a very good cholesterol profile.

The list goes on and on. The point is, your body needs fats. It also needs carbohydrates and proteins. The trick is to get the right kinds of all three, and get them in quantities that work for you. It is not necessary, or even desirable, to try to eliminate fat from your diet. It is good to reduce the "junk fat" from your diet. Your body can handle some animal fat. But, it can't handle large quanities. So, trim the fat rind from your steak, eat low-fat dairy products, and don't touch the bacon!

A diet that replaces many normal foods with fat-free varieties can be of value, depending on the foods so replaced and what you replace them with.

An example of a bad replacement is fat-free (or low-fat) peanut butter. The manufacturer takes a very healthy oil (one that will actually help you keep the fat off your body) with one of the worst sugars you can possibly eat--maltodextrin. Fat-free yogurts with fruit flavors are also a disaster--read the labels!

An example of a good replacement is plain fat-free yogurt. But, read the label to make absolutely sure it's plain and doesn't have junk added to it. There are some fancy names for sugar, so don't assume something listed is not sugar just because you have no clue what it actually is. Ditto for fat-free or reduced fat cottage cheese.




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