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Italian Pasta Diet Exposed

The truth about the Italian Pasta Diet: It Really Works

During the spring and summer, we at Supplecity receive many inquiries about "weight loss diets." People ask what they can do to "lose weight."

What people are really asking about is losing fat. In the spring, it's almost swimsuit time and people who overate during the holidays are still carrying 8 of the extra 10 pounds the put on for no particular reason other than they somehow felt compelled to take in way too much food.

Usually, they are looking for a special diet or a special supplement. We do sell some great fatburners that help, but if you keep overloading on the calories they aren't going to make you slim.

While I normally do not have much good to say about special "diets," there is one that works remarkably well. I'm half German and half Italian, so this is a diet I know a lot about. It's called the Italian Pasta Diet.

Here's how it works:

  • You walka pasta da bakery.
  • You walka pasta da candy store.
  • You walka pasta da ice cream shop.
  • You walka pasta da table and da fridge.

You will lose fat!


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