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Acid Alkaline Balance Diet Exposed

The sad truth about the Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

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This diet hooks people with elaborate tables and explanations based on the theory that you should eat foods in certain combinations to maintain the right pH in your body.

This diet has two major flaws:

  1. Your stomach is full of acid, and the pH of what enters your stomach has nothing to do with the pH of what exits your stomach or how acidic things are in your stomach. Your stomach will simply add more acid to the mix as needed.

  2. The combinations and restrictions recommended by this diet will actually work against you. For example, it keeps you from combining such things as beans and rice to get a completed protein. It would have you eating carbohydrates without proteins, thereby maximizing the insulin spike of the carbohydrates and minimizing the uptake in protein--this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

This diet is based on pseudo-science. The idea for it "kinda sorta" makes sense at first, but the more you look at it, the worse it looks. And if you follow this diet, you put your health at risk. And for what? This diet has no benefits--only health risk. Besides that, it's boring because proper combinations of food taste good--and this diet prohibits some of the best combinations you can possibly get. It's a stupid diet with nasty implications for your long-term health.

If your dietary goal is to be strong and healthy, this diet is not for you.

Do not confuse this diet with the proven approach of aiming for an acid-base balance. If you eat the way the bodybuilding community generally agrees upon (no processed foods, lots of greens, good protein sources, very little grain), you will reach that proper balance without even trying to.







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